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Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women 2013 2014.


American brand Monif C. produces women's clothing plus size 2013 from 48 to 58 sizes.

The company primarily produces stylish dresses, overalls and swimwear 2013 2014 for fat women. Today we want to present to Your attention a new collection of swimwear 2013 2014 for fat women.
The collection presents swimsuits of different styles: bikini, tankini, closed swimsuits and dresses-swimwear plus size.





Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)


Special details swimwear 2013 2014 for fat girls, insert, loops and custom fit well hide roundness figures, highlighting its advantages.

Flowing decorative details of the bodice perfectly hide the true size of waist, and vertical inserts the entire length of the bathing suit visually add growth, making shape visually a little slimmer.




Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)


Swimwear-dress 2013 2014 for fat women excellent camouflage full hips. But life can be hidden by the swimsuits that have a special drapery in the form of shuttlecocks or fringe.

And of course the fabulous look swimwear 2013 2014 for fat women with a deep neckline. Here are the best fit swimwear V-neck bodice and with a smell.



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



The main point of the new collection of swimsuits Monif C are beautiful silhouettes and gorgeous bright and saturated colors.

Choosing clothes, overweight women usually always take into account the disadvantages of the figure. But what to do on the beach, because the need to undress to the maximum and thus hide imperfections shape? In fact, any man shall say, that the woman the right to opt swimsuit 2013 2014 for fat women, no frills, and there are only sumptuousness and delicious roundness. So the first thing you need to love your body, and if the nature endowed you curvaceous, use this gift and be proud of the sex appeal of their forms.



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



Swimwear for fat women 2013 2014

Competently chosen swimsuit for a full woman should well fit, but not constrain movements. Mistakenly buy swimsuit smaller, better, if it will be one size larger than the size of your clothes. It should be made of a rather dense material with high content of lycra, but without gloss. Choose swimwear plus size with a special supporting design: with inserts at the waist and buttocks, like a corset makes your figure. Calyx must be on bones and have a hard modeling insertion.



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



Style fashion swimsuit 2013 2014 for fat women should moderately cover hips, too high necklines on hips look unattractive and too low even stronger emphasize the completeness and shorten the figure.

Swimwear for the full - that does not suit you?



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



It is necessary to abandon
swimwear bikini and Thong panties

Style fashion swimwear for fat girls - Pear



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



So, slightly full of girls with delicious hips and neckline, a rounded belly, legs and shoulders are of type Pear shape. You can afford a lot of various models of solid and separate swimwear 2013 2014 for fat women. It is best to stop focusing on not too open underwear models with high panties, unpretentious, a large figure and rigid cups.

• bright shiny materials
• narrow strapless
• straps and other decoration on the hips and waist
• highly closed at the top of the lif

• cross pattern
• soft cups seedless



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



These are the basic rules, the rest of their color, shape and pattern depend on the characteristics of your figure.
Owners of magnificent thighs, you need to try to balance the upper and lower part of the figure. To do this, choose swimsuit underwear and with widely spaced straps and underline the chest and shoulders.
Also balance the shape will help figure swimsuit 2013 2014 for fat women: top should be colorful, and the bottom monophonic or longitudinal-striped. Or wear large beads, pin to lifu large brooch. Very well make the swimsuit with diagonal stripes, which converge at the waist or hips.



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



Tall girls better abandon swimwear strapless, and horizontal decor. Choose the model are knotted back of the neck, this will create a seductive hollow chest and visually reduce the shoulders.

Style fashion swimwear for fat girls - Apple



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



Moderately full girls with a noticeable belly, lush hips, big bust and small folds at the waist are the possessors shape type Apple. It is best to choose integral or separate private models swimwear 2013 2014 for fat women.
Perfect swimsuit with a small skirt, covering Boudreau and V-neck.

Style fashion swimwear for fat girls - Vaseline




Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



But the most appetizing women is better to choose a solid swimwear plus size, muted, deep tones of dull fabric. Pay attention to wide straps, V-neckline and horizontal components (figure, contrasting inserts and stitching).
Avoid unnecessary details on the shoulders and wide-spaced straps, they enhance the completeness. Ideal swimwear with a picture of the breast, as well as special as dresses. Under such an easy платьицем usually hidden good support structure-corset, which is a figure in the best light.

Full women should supplement their swimsuits 2013 2014 for fat women light tunic, pareo with longitudinal pattern, and wide-brimmed hat that perfectly balances the figure.



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)



Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)


Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)


Stylish swimsuit and underwear for fat women  2013 – 2014 (photos)




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