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Fashion for fat girls Autumn 2012 Winter 2013

Owners of fat figures this fall is not neglected by designers - the fashion for thick cuts dominated spacious, cozy ponchos, elegant and flowing peplum transparent sleeves of silk all the items of clothing, which successfully conceal extra weight and stress just flattering. We will explain the main trends of fashion dresses for fat women, autumn-winter 2012/13.






All Burgundy!

Winners plus raziera this fall quite appreciate the announced designers main color of the season. Deep burgundy, or a shade of burgundy so many faces that perfectly accentuate the dignity of every fat woman. In particular, girls with big breasts and hips accentuated line fit very dark shades of color - in conjunction with the return of this year's fashion velvet skin and they will exude nobility, aristocracy and unmatched elegance. Burgundy dresses for fat girls (preferably plain and single cut), large knitted sweater with V-neck jersey or in shades of burgundy hide flaws and move the focus on the most spectacular curves of the body. When you choose a shade of burgundy you should take that fat women are more dresses with vertical cuts, as well as or slightly elongated, or, conversely, slightly cropped sleeves - in which case they will hide the fullness of hands.





Sexy and catchy, and the skin is still incredibly practical. Casual blazer from glossy leather or lacquered trench with low waist - the perfect trendy clothes for fat women this fall! Designers actively use in their autumn collections patent leather, polyurethane, latex, did not have to invent this time additional decoration - these materials are so self-sufficient, that does not need embellishment. The distinctive features of patent leather in the new season - the polished mirror finish and glamorous shades - blue-black and maroon.





Large breeding

Finally, and on the street thick girls - real winter holiday. Proclaimed one of the main trends of the coming fall thick and clumsy big woolen sweater knitting - is just the most comfortable type of clothing to which holders often miss the lush pieces, dragging the last effort in the form-fitting office jackets and shirts. Now relaxed sweater - with a wide collar, with or without - quite a self-sufficient, but still fashionable to boot element autumn wardrobe full of the fair sex. Wearing a fashion trend for thick recommended with jeans or with solid pants.





Original drapery, recently resuscitated by leading Hollywood women of fashion on the red carpet and actively having gone to the masses in the summer, with its candy-pastel silk dresses, popular in cold weather, and especially suitable for fat women, whose most problematic area is the stomach and waistline . Dresses for thick elastic effect peplum like no other perfectly stress flattering, cleverly hiding its flaws. Interesting frill, passing directly over the problem so waistline, will hide wrinkles and visually make a slimmer figure. Peplos this fall are not only on dresses, but also jumpers and tops, combining it with a skirt or trousers midi straight cut. The color scheme of fashion plus size  2012-2013 has no boundaries - from bourgeois claret and blue to bright yellow and red.





Wide leg boot

One of the most difficult tasks for fashion fat women - find a suitable shoes for the fall, to be exact, perfect sitting at the foot of the boots. A little secret - if you choose boots for thick, read the width of the tops - so that the upper part of the boot was too narrow and leave a small space for the foot. It is best to choose a wide leg boot, almost reaching to the knee. Otherwise, the boots will be ugly to force up the leg between the knee and the heel, visually shortening her. Those thick girls who do not like to wear boots, shoe collections offer a lot of ankle boots with a relatively wide entrance and versatile shoes on convenient lightweight wedges.



Louis Vuitton



Thick girls need to remember that they in no way be abused accessories, especially jewelry with large stones or massive parts. Accessories for fat of your lot - refined and elegant pearl strands, intelligent suspension and original chain. Also, owners of magnificent forms forbidden to wear a miniature handbag shoulder - strap only emphasize the extra weight in the chest and arms, and bags postman ugly constricting chest. The best options for thick accessories for this fall - now popular frame "Doctor" bags with dense rigid base, as well as medium-sized satchel of soft leather.

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