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Home WOMEN'S FASHION Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)

Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)

In cold weather, an indispensable thing is the fashion coat for fat women. Jackets - this is more for young people, and beautiful coats not afford. But the coat for thick women - what you need. And it is stylish and elegant and retains heat well.




Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)



Fashion coat 2012-2013 will surprise you with a variety of styles and materials. In fashion women's coats, wide sleeves, stand-up collars.

Not bad for a woman looks full coat-cape, which is good hides figure flaws. Equally popular coat  - poncho type of soft plaid fabric.




Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)


Very relevant in 2013 coat-gown. This is a beautiful coat fashion for fat women without fasteners, with the smell. Also at its peak coat-gown very long and very stylish. Long and flowing coats plus size - coats when walking, they create a truly memorable image!




Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)



Winter 2013 trend will light coat lapel men's style as a long jacket. This coat is best business ladies because of its severity. It is no accident is a fashionable coat called a "diplomat".

In fashion coats for fat women in military style. This coat has fat buttons in two rows, shoulder straps and wide lapels.

Popular in the fall and winter of 2012 - 2013 coats with fur inserts. Fur can be a collar, cuffs, or even sleeves.

Those who love retro, 2013 in fashion coat in style 60. It is short coats of thick women in trapezoidal or trench coat with two rows of buttons.




Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)



Also in fashion classic straight cut coat with lapels, made in men's style, as well as a coat in a strict, austere design that has a hidden zipper, straight silhouette, low-key colors.

Speaking of trendy colors 2013 winter coats and short coats. The mod will be classic black and white colors, warm, cozy tones of beige, olive and cream. Also popular shades of burgundy and red. In fashion and Scottish motifs with his cage and in a staggered pattern.



Fashion coats for fat women 2013 (photos)


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